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        Who are we?

        Paul Goodloe on location

        It's Amazing Out There

        Weather can be a joyful or terrifying experience at any given moment. Our mantra celebrates and honors how weather shapes our world both in wonderful and dramatic ways. For more than 35?years, The Weather Channel has?inspired viewers to explore, investigate and appreciate the experience of weather in all of its many forms by?providing the latest weather information for the modern era.?

        Paul Goodloe on location

        Our Personalities

        Jen Carfagno

        You see them on television, now get to know them.

        Live Shows

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        Our network delivers weather information in a simple, easy-to-digest manner to more than 90 million households.

        Primetime Shows

        SOS How to Survive Logo

        Our originals provide a deeper look into weather and all the ways we’re connected to it.